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    About CarShield

    CarShield offers low, monthly payment plans to fit every wallet and every vehicle. Whether you've purchased a brand-new car or you’re looking for additional coverage on an older car, we have comprehensive comparisons to find the right package for you. CarShield offers coverage on pricey items like transmissions and even smaller, routine repairs such as alternators and power window motors. 24-hour roadside assistance, towing, and rental coverage are just a few of the features offered in our customizable plans.

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    Bontique V.


    Where to begin.. they use a third party to collect payments first off... MEPCO, and twice that company went into my account and took extra money after my bill was paid for the month... and one of the times it was a higher amount than my monthly payment on Xmas eve at that. trying to get that money back with them was damn near impossible but my bank took care of it thank God. after trying twice to cancel my contact with them was also damn near impossible.. the CSR's are rude and o my want to escalate me to someone else and I'm like "no, just cancel it" there is nothing y'all can say or do at this point. The one time I needed them it cost me $200 just to get my car back from the "certified" CarShield mechanic because they wouldn't cover my truck. Please take it from me.. it's not worth the time or money.

    Jared E.


    I can say the people you have to deal with are nice but the company they work for is JUNK. I had to have my car towed, ok that was covered. Then the bs starts. Repair shop called them and argued over every detail. They wanted to send my shop parts but my shop won't accept for liability reasons. I then found a shop that will accept it, for $350 towing I passed. I just had the shop do it and I'm done with these clowns. $1800 for just over 2 years of coverage and I literally have nothing to show for it. Wish give negative 20 star review cause this is a joke for a company.

    Bob T.


    I have a friend of mine that covers his car with car shield they're giving so much And they wouldn't fix everything on it like they were supposed to they said things were not covered it says right in the book that they are Garcia is full of s*** they don't cover f****** nothing through a bunch of a******* Don't believe what On t v

    rick n.


    car has been down for 2+ months. Car shield refuses to provide dealer with new functional parts, only "rebuilt parts from their own supplier" which have had already sent 2 broken units, and argues about the labor time allowances. My dealer no longer wants to work with car shield and telling me they want to stop all work on my Corvette and for me to take it back. I've called car shield several times but they say their policy allows them to give only what they feel fit to do. If I want better (working new parts) I need to pay for them myself.

    James G.


    I was turned down for a broken drive train on my 2004 Ford F-150 for a repair cost of $2,000. My truck had 120,000 miles on it at the time. Carshield turned me down on a mere technicality. Never go back to them!!!

    Calvin H.


    Don't buy CarShield.I have CarShield for about three years with amounts to three thousand dollars.Everytime I filed a claim they said it wasn't covered.They must use the money to pay the celebrities that advertise for them on TV

    Willie S.


    Car Shield sucks. They will find a way not to pay if the payout is more then they want to pay. We buy mechanical protection plan for piece of mind but believe me. Car. Shield is not a good plan to buy. They are a fraud

    Don A.


    Wish I could give a lower rating. Called about a problem, sent a picture,got a claim # and waited for a response. Finally called and found out that for $599, they will take care of a problem caused by bug guts, tree sap, etc.. For about $5 you can buy bug and tar remover from Walmart. Very disappointed. One representative said it covered my claim and the next one said no. ???

    LLOYD A.


    Car Shield is a straight Rip off. I took my 2005 Nissan Maxima to the dealership where I bought the car new. Had all my maintenance done there, My Wife and daughter did the same with their new cars as well. We know the maintenance team, on a first name basis, with a great rapport. Totally trust the diagnosis that we've received has always been legitimate, and fixed the issues. I took in my Maxima in because of a slipping transmission. The repair called for a replacement transmission. Car Shield took their sweet time to finally get an adjuster over to the dealership. The adjuster refuted my shops recommendation to replace the transmission. Then forced the dealership to reveal the internal components of the transmission that failed knowing that they would call out an electronic module internal to the transmission, which is not covered. After 3 weeks, they finally offered to put a junked transmission in my car which I declined. I canceled the other policies on my other vehicles. My car was down for 3 years there after. Car Shield uses many African American actors and celebrities to target a demographic. FURTHER exploiting the disadvantaged. Shame on you Car Shield.

    Donna S.


    Just found out that I have invested 6 months of our money on a company no dealer wants to work with because they don't cover hardly anything. I will cancel this as soon as the next payment is due. I will find a reputable company to deal with!!!!

    Kenneth J.


    Customer service is. Slow , very bad communication with repair shop and myself my car has been down a month now, the engine failed repair shop confirmed it .. CarShield who sells contracts to Autoshield which it did not know requested the the engine be partially torn down, at my cost of $550 ( warning read the fine print) to confirm the shop’s original diagnosis from then on it was one thing after another, Autosheild was now doing the claim, they offered to send a “Used” engine … then a dollar amount to the shop to find something locally,, days went by calls were not returned.. so I had to get on the phone myself… two weeks a remanufactured long block was found by Autoshield more miss communication.. between shop. And Autosheild says they we’re waiting for shop to call back two days go by and I had to get involved again !!! So the long block gets shipped arrives on dec27 was supposed to be a used replacement engine to be changed out !!! Now this engine that was sent is incomplete…. So Autosheild says they need a call from the shop … shop says they called and left a message…. So I had to get on the phone again this time I’m at the shop myself.. and finally they talk Autosheild says to take the old parts from the old motor and put them onto the engine that was shipped in .. what kind of company treats a customer like this ? Should it ever take a Month to change out an engine??? Be warned read the contract every single word !!! And be prepared to do a lot of legwork. Well this was my experience, also dealing with the “ car rentals “ same thing

    Pat P.


    Carshield is the worst warranty plan ever! They promise the world and when you need a repair, they don't cover anything! When they do cover it, they send used, non-working parts to the mechanic and will have your vehicle tied up in the shop for weeks waiting for replacements!! They also target minority populations by using Black celebrities in their ads, promising low rates. They are a total rip-off...deserve a -0 rating.

    Charles N.


    This worst service ever!!!FBI Should be investigating them they’re scammers stealing people money will not pay your claim!!!

    Ada B.


    I have paid for the platinum coverage for over 2 years and just filed my first claim. They covered hopefully two items, but the more expensive items were not covered. I am very disappointed. Please check out other companies! I wish I had. Not a good investment.

    Jerry B.


    Good luck finding a shop that will work with carshield.

    Amelia W.


    This is a bunch of scammers that rush into your account and take your monthly payment but when stuff happened to your car they failed to get you cover.. iam a direct vitim of the criminal behavior of this group of liers calling themselves an auto warranty. Pleasr dont be a vitim like me

    Douglas A C.


    I have been trying to use my Warranty policy through Car Shield and I and the shop have been getting the run around to get them to cover the claim... My Drive shift dropped on my 2003 Chevy Tahoe... Had it towed to the shop with down drive shaft been at the shop waiting on warranty approval when I called American Car Shield they say that somehow the milage was incorrect in the system... The shop has sent verification of actual mileage and still waiting on the shop to be contacted to repair my truck...It is crazy that u pay for a policy and can't use it but they have these celebrities in their commercials talking bout how they were covered but they want me to keep policy and pay to get my vehicle repaired... When ur a disabled person and all u want to do is get a part of ur family fixed so u can live ur life a lil more independently... Not a good company at all... SCAMMERS....

    Jane W.


    Very Bogus Bootleg Service Car Shield Is A Joke Full Of Games. They Don't Honor There Claims..

    Mark M.


    Deceptive sales tactics. Unexpected out of pocket expenses that I had to pay that were never explained to me prior to me buying me car shield contract. I also didn't expect to pay almost 400.00 for a repair that was supposed to be fully covered under my gold car shield warranty. Very disappointed with the whole process. Car Sheild should explain in detail about what the customer is about to purchase.

    John H.


    DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME OR MONEY! They forced us to use a transmission shop that is a hour away because no one local will accept this warranty. and after the shop had the truck transmission out and in pieces they decided to not cover it because it has a lift kit on it. It was disclosed when we purchased the warranty that the truck had a lift which they even verified through the phone call recordings. At that time they changed the reason to it has to much lift. The truck is a chevy silverado Z-92 with a 6" lift. The web site even says they cover vehicles "as long as it has a 6 inch or less lift kit" we provided the build sheet from the dealership showing its a 6 inch lift. Then they said they only cover the vehicle if it has less than 6 inches of lift. Now they are saying the truck has a 2" and 6" lift which they just completely made up out of thin air to get out of paying. $5300 for a rebuilt transmission is absolutely ridiculous! Next step is calling a lawyer and going to court.

    James C.


    This is a terrible business. It's alot about the money with them. Had a contract for 3 years $4800 called to have my transmission replaced. They said no. Screw these commercials their putting out paying alot of money to stars. But, You can't fix my transmission.

    Stefannie J.


    Josh is an IDIOT. Even a mechanic has to pay for parts. If he worked it right could even get paid to repair his own vehicle.......

    Barry S.


    The rear end went out in my 2011 Chevy suburban. It started humming so I called car shield and they told me to drive it to the nearest repair facility and have it diagnosed. So I did take it about 7 miles to an authorized repair facility and they diagnosed that the rear end gears were bad and needed to be replaced The repair facility called car shield and advised them that the rear end was failing and I was advised at that time not to drive it any further to leave it at the repair facility and that they would get it repaired. To make a long story short it took from December 23 until February 7 to get my vehicle back and car shield would not pay but $697 of the $1500 repair charge. After weeks of pressing the employer I was told that since I did not get a tow truck to bring it to the repair facility that they would not pay the full amount, however they had previously advised me that if the repair facility would show them why it needed such extensive repairs that they would pay for it. Their customer service agents were rude and unprofessional and even though their independent inspector advised him to replace my entire rear end they are in-house adjuster said no that they would only repair it. They were also only willing to pay for the exact parts that have failed but not the bearings and seals that had to be removed to repair the failed parts which is a total breach of the contract. As soon as the repair is paid I will cancel CarShield and never advise anyone to buy one of their warranties.

    Stephen J.


    Very competitive pricing for the service they provide. Chevy dealer said they have NEVER had a problem with Carshield or complaints from customers about how they treated them when it comes time to spend and pay out the $ for repairs. Diamond coverage is very reasonable in price compared to what other companies offer, like, car rental while car in shop, roadside service, if you're on vacation and breakdown they furnish you a free loaner and pay for hotel while car is shop. Hard for other companies to offer what Carshield does at lower prices than most of the ones rated above rhem in customer satisfaction and way more expensive for servic recieved!

    Don D.


    Tried to get a quote on line as asked I answered the questions guess what after all that you have to call

    Alan M.


    My first experience with filling a claim. Didn't go so well with me. In July of last year. My ac compressor went out. I took my car to a Firestone. My radiator needed to be replaced along with the Compressor. I had to pay close to 600 dollars. When Firestone was done with my car. The work was good. Just couldn't believe I had to pay so much out of pocket. I seriously considering about getting rid of Carshield.

    Karen P.


    Attempts to use junkyard, refurbished and after market parts. Refuses to pay car rental reimbursements. Do not hold to their own contract. Don't purchase ever!!!!!

    Mary B.


    I would not believe the TV commercials. Carshield dose not cover much if you reads the contract its all there

    David T.


    Rip off Oversold coverage charge me $3100 for a Limited Policy. Criminals. ITea is getting paid too much.

    Tu N.


    False advertisement Do not buy waste of money…They will do everything in there power to deny your claim. Took them 2 months to decide how to deny my claim . They did not put out a penny Service suck .. hard working American will be dupe!!!don’t buy

    Donald S.


    Beware of these guys! If you have a contract with them I strongly recommend you get another company. The BBB GIVES THEM A F!

    Arllen M.


    the worst process that making the customer wait till they done processing the claim. as customer you should process that on spot not taking 2-3 days while you dont have a car to use

    Steve W.


    This by far is the worst policy I have purchase In my life. I paid for this service for over a year automatic draft out of my account just to have my transmission go out and them tell me because the hose that goes to the transmission had a leak it is not covered. The exclusions on the policy wound not have them to pay for nothing. They have so many fine print statements that even though they tell you on the phone what all is covered after you tell them what your looking for to be covered. I have waist hundreds of dollars & now I’m about to either pay $5100 or tow my car home on my tab! Do not purchase this service it’s no service at all!!!

    James T.


    So they say you can take it to any certified auto shop , but if the shops near you do not want to work with 3rd party warranty policy's , then your out of luck. There is noway for you to get the work aproved without the garage directly dealing with carshield . the closest place to me carshield recommends is 87 miles away. Way out of my towing allowence . car shield will not find you a shop to go to Also carshields labor rate is far below the rates in our area , so exspect to be paying 60-80 dollars an hour out of your own pocket. Also Ive had to have 3 repairs done on my vehicle carshield has paid out around $300 while Ive paid out about 3600.00 plus the 4200 Ive paid so far on my policy. So now Im shoping for a better policy

    Andrew E.


    At the time of purchase the salesman made it very clear that i had a 30 day money back guarantee so after reading the fine print i made the choice to cancel this warranty plan . I called for cancellation and got hung up on several times !!! I am very disappointed with Carshield and will be filing a complaint on the BBB .

    Rob A.


    I am a repair shop and have been waiting on hold for 30 min to talk with someone .Talk about a waist of time .

    Dan K.


    Ideal Auto Protect is refusing to pay a claim after giving authorization for the repair. We have been in business 22 years & have worked with multiple warranty companies. We have never had a problem with any other company. I'm think Ideal Auto Protect is a SCAM.

    ORA R.



    Tim J.


    They do not write BMW M3's

    Dee F.


    Please RUN do not do business with this company as they have taken monies from my account for over a year now that I have a claim they have denied my services ( Air Conditioner) in Texas where it is over 90 degrees everyday. The verbiage in the contract is very vague will only the exact language . The contracts states they cover air Condition which should cover blower motor as this is the part that I need to make air blow thru the vents.There is no appeal process. Will file with BBB in Houston. Will also lodge a complaint to the Texas Attorney General. This is a scam ,there is a reason they are not allowed in several states. The 1 star *is too much to give as Related to the service I have received from this vompany. Never missed a payment .

    Karen W.


    Crappy thing out there. I.live in a relatively metropolitan area and this companies service is so crappy that not one company listed as participating retailers, won't even take there warranty. Waste of time and money.

    James H.


    Not happy with the warranty i got with Carshield .We ran into some unexpected air condition issues and after taking to my dealer for service i got hit with a huge bill at the end . They expect me to pay more than my warranty company because not everything that was needed was covered thru my car warranty plan .I had to come out my pocket more than CarShield .i do not recommend there service .Pleas stay away from this company.

    Charles O.


    I have been paying Carshield for 2 years now . Never late on a payment . I put in my first claim today and it got denied . This is b s . I demand a full refund or you will be hearing from my lawyer .

    michael m.


    I now know why you look at a contract befor you buy. I cant afford to shell out 3500 or more just to have the truck tore down to see if your warranty can cover a part. even when that part has some damaged parts on it. I think you should have your adjusters take a time management class because 2 months is too long to be without my truck. there are no rentals avaible either. I bet not of you at car shield even use you own warranty service. I see your not rated the best for a reason. I hope i never have to do this again because it might be cheaper if I just pay for it myself and save a month and a half of waiting.

    James P.


    Car shield is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The first time I needed a repair it took 7 weeks to have done. With no rental car, This time my car has been in the shop 5 weeks and they still haven’t sent a adjuster to look at my car. And again no rental car and have had nothing but lame dragged out bullshit delays.

    Edwinna M.


    Beware of Car Shield and the statements they say in their commercials that they are a tool for cars when; they have problems. I have had Car Shield for several years since my car was about one-year-old. My car is a 2015 Vehicle. • Now I need them and the contract that was sold has loop holes that keep them from repairing older cars. • The contract states that it will not cover upgraded products for the vehicle. • Now before I go on. How many cars that grow older do not have upgraded parts or parts that have been discontinued. • That is what car makers do they continually upgrade their products to improve quality and safety. • Now back to my situation. My replacement part no longer exists as a single unit, it has been discontinued and the upgrade comes in a set now. • The right side of my car needs repair but cannot be fixed now without getting the set that communicates with the other side. • Car shield says they will not replace the other side. Therefore, they are saying they will not fix my car. • The other very corporate thing is Car Shield has a Company that is their Claim Administrator called United Car Care. I talked with them trying to get an understanding why this is totally unfair and they referred me to Car Shield Customer Service. • Well Car Shield Customer Service (politely) takes no responsibility for the denial because they do not evaluate claims. • The United Car Care Claim Administrator says they just read the contract and follow the verbal statements (garbage) of the contract. Very rude representative also. • What is left is that the customer gets no assistance. • I asked who writes the contracts, no one knows, who is responsible for an exception in the contract, no one knows. • The contract is written so that an older car will not be covered. Therefore, BE WARE. They are not designed for a person that wants to keep their car for a length of time and still have it covered with insurance. • PLEASE BE AWARE CAR Shield is not flor a person that keeps a car longer than the parts that are originally on the car. My car is only six years old. WOW how long can your car really be covered.

    Brian P.


    Complete rip off. They found every way possible to not pay a legitimate claim. Don’t fall for the scam.

    Ronald and Gwy C.


    If you actually have a nice vehicle, love for your vehicle to run great with genuine parts, don't want a run around......We would not recommend this company! We have the top package (Diamond coverage), which does not live up to what is written to be covered and they found EVERY reason not to cover and pay for our repair! Do your research and find another company!

    Larry B.


    I have been with Carshield since April of 2018. I filed my first claim just a month ago and still haven't been contacted regarding my engine problem. I have the top coverage and have already paid tens of thousands of dollars in premiums. I noticed that the company has class action suits pending. I feel VERY ignorant for falling for this scam. I can't believe that they are still running those advertisements and getting away with it. I'd be surprised if I receive $1,000.00 from this suit once settled.

    Stacy S.


    I wish I could give this company 0 stars. After paying $89 per month, I still ended up paying $900 in parts and $1500 for car rental that was NOT reimbursed. They had my car in the shop for over 2 months and only paid 2.5 hours of labor. This is a RIP OFF and I WOULD NOT recommend this company to ANYONE.

    Ken I.


    Made my 1st claim 4 most into having their coverage. Denied, even thought I gout the coverage specifically yo cover transmission and engine in my 2010 Dodge. The "process" of making a claim is muddled and not clear, plus I wasn't in the loop, had to call CS, who put me over to American Shield or whatever the hell it is, to get sone answers. The exclusions to coverage are ridiculous and voluminous. No electronic parts? No rust? No coverage when problem is due to :"increased mileage" and "normal wear and tear"? Plus, any business offering roadsides assistance that you can't reach after 6 CST is a major problem. They punch WELL above their weight with their commercials. I will be canceling this month and woukd not recommend under any curcumstances.

    Jane H.


    Car Shield is WORTHLESS...DON'T buy this service!

    J N.


    I went to my favorite car dealership for service and when asked about my warranty program, they informed me that they do not honor CarShield. In fact, CarShield doesn't pay their bills and that's why they stop supporting them. They take everyone else but CarShield. I'm dropping them after only being with them for 1 month.

    Willard N.



    James A.


    After contacting CS to start a claim they stated the part was not covered and would not give authorization for repair. Once part was removed it was determined that the failure was from an internal lubricated part, which is covered. Asked for authorization for repair. Took them 5 days to get an inspector to dealership after they said it would be 24 hours. By this time dealer had repaired car. CS would not pay the $3000 repair bill because it was not pre authorized. Independent inspector stated CS only pays 1 in 5 claims! I feel like I have been defrauded. I talked to the highest supervisor they would transfer me too, after being cut off 2 separate times. Also “mechanic” that reviewed and initially denied my claim stated that their was a know issue with this part on this vehicle. Makes me think they denied my initial request for authorization for repair to create the scenario of no preauthorization to keep from pay claim. Stay far away from CS. There has to be better companies out there. Also Mr. Ice T, if I were you I would think twice about putting my name on a company that has such awful reviews!

    Susan W.


    If you REALLY want to enter the depths of HELL, Carshield will get you there,-FAST.

    Steve W.


    I had to leave the Carshield Extended Warranty program because when my car broke down the guy at the Chevy Dealership said they Don't honor Carshield or the other program that's also sponsored by Car Shield. Why do they tell us to bring our car to the dealership but the dealership doesn't honor them. I left Carshield because of false advertisement

    William B.


    Please stop those ridiculous untrue commercials on TV about how simple it is to get your Car repaired with Car Shield. All of those fake actors and celebrities just lying their asses off. Do you really believe that actor ICE-T, a millionaire needs a Car Shield Warranty? I've found in my city that most major auto dealerships will not even accept Car Shield aka American Auto Shield. Most people don't even know that it is American Auto Shield is the contract company that approves or disapprove their car getting repaired. And the commercials are not honest about all the red tape bureaucracy policies and protocol that takes place between the repair facility if they accept the warranty and Car Shield aka American Auto Shield. So please I am asking for Car Shield to stop with the misleading commercials using celebrities and fake actors that make it appears so easy and simple to get their automobile repaired. Trust me it is not that simple and can be hell just finding a repair facility that will accept a Car Shield warranty. Car Shield has established a untrustworthy reputation with these car facilities with getting reimbursement for the repairs covered in a timely quick reasonable manner. Do yourself a big favor and tell the truth during your commercials and state that Car Shield is just the vendor selling insurance policies for American Auto Shield. Your TV commercials are not honest.

    Steve C.


    I see alot of people claiming to save money. What i do not understand is folks claiming to ssve money, has the service all the sudden became free?

    Adam M.


    RIPOFF!! PLZ READ.. I broke a crank in my 2015 chevy Silverado, clearly a covered part. This company tried from the beginning to deny my claim with one thing after another. After the repair facility and myself jumped through all the hoops my claim was denied. My truck had to go to two different repair places because when they tell you that any certified mechanic can do the work, they lie. Therevis an ungodly amount of licenses that they apparently have to have, so my truck was towed to a chevy dealership for repair. The first mechanic took the air box off of my truck to start diagnosis and placed it in passenger floor board. The second repair facility didnt realize this so when they sent pics, as requested, the air box was not on truck. My claim was denied because there was no air box. I am attempting now to have claim reopened but I'm getting bounced around. I will continue to keep you all up to date and you can also check at amcdowell623@gmail.com and I will let you know how this is handled

    Jim S.


    Do not buy into this policy. The CS team at Carshield are very polite but if or when you put a claim in your turned over to American Shield. Not near as kind or understanding. They sent in a non certified diesel mechanic to inspect my issue. He was late which created a much higher cost in rental car. They refused by stating it did not cover an item outside my Turbo and that was the COF. I spoke to the Service Mgr at the dealer and he told me it was the PIN and actuator inside the Turbo. The PIN was bent. Dealers are typically higher in cost (explains a lot). The mgr also told me he has NEVER seen Carshield cover a repair. I've already canceled my policy and looking for a extended warranty with a more legitimate company. Check out BBB and read the complaints. I gave them 1 star for the kind CS staff at Carshield.

    Kelvin B.


    Can't figure out how to leave zero stars. I have a repair for a faulty part that is a covered part. But, it is an expensive repair so they have been stalling and making the repair facility jump through hoops for WEEKS to resolve this. If they were any good, I was hoping to keep them for years. They "cover" all the parts I need covered, but I have been without my car for three weeks and they are still playing games. Could not be more disappointed in their service at this point.

    Priscill N.


    The worst rip off ever and I warned my sister. The shop made sure to call and let them know maintenance is being done and was told to move forward my sister paid her deductible in full and now carshield does not want to pay their part. Mechanic is expecting my sister to bring the car back so they can take the parts off. Just so wrong on all levels I do not understand how they can just rip people off.

    Patrick H.


    Confusion on the part of Representatives. My Wife bought a new car and called to remove car covered that was traded. The representative removed my car instead and leaving the car traded in policy. My Wife called to fix situation and the representative yelled at her and nothing was done to fix. My Wife called back and got her traded car off of policy, however My car was not put back on policy. This was the most horrible customer service I have ever been aware of.

    Christopher L.


    Do not buy a warranty from Car shield. They will sell you on coverage but when you have a break down or need a repair they will not cover it. They only sell the policy for auto shield, auto shield will do everything possible to avoid paying a claim. They will not pay any claims on anything that has a technical service bulletin on it . They are rude will hang up on you and pass you off back and fourth to car shield and nothing will get resolved.

    Antoinette P.


    Horrible, they do not have the customers intrest at heart. American auto shield is the warranty company that they use and they all car auto facilities to charge the customers up for repairs. They don't communicate with the customers unless you call them. I have had two bad experience so far and each time they did not have my best interest when it came down to the mechanic. "DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE:

    Marsha C.


    Very disappointed in car sheild ripped me off. Paid them for over 2 years, Never missed a payment.

    Marlen V.


    Do not get this warranty!!! they do not tell you that when you need a repair and it is an expensive part like (alternator) they want to mail in the parts to the shop you take it to and some shops dont want to do that so, it would be okay if they would tell you at the beginning how there buisness works instead of wasting your time taking your vehicle to a repair shop and then they tell you that they HAVE TO MAIL IN THE PARTS!!RIDICULES!!!wast of time and money if you just want to be towing your vehicle to different repair shops. No good!!!

    Mid led lied to pissed off ripped off 4$1500. D.


    Don’t pay car shield anything they will rip you off crooks $1500. They took and I didn’t get car fixed all I got was excuses then they told me my car motor had sludge, that disqualified me.

    Steven A.


    OK.... Now if Car Shield is sooooo great....why does the BBB give them a POOR RATING???....Why doesn't Car Shield ever list the TRUE FACTS on what their consumers really say about them??? Why doesn't CAR SHIELD ever give out the full names on TV....you only say....John P....Kathy M...Mark J.....damn lies

    Anita B.


    You have to purchase a plan before you know exactly what will be covered on your vehicle. They have no brochures you can read about each plan..cant know what's in it until you purchase it..

    Chris C.


    There needs to be way to give negative stars. This 5 star system is insufficient for truly abysmal service. I dropped my vehicle off and called Auto Shield to confirm there would be no issues with getting a rental vehicle. The lady just rattled off the fine print and reassured me there will be no issues. Just email in the receipt at the end for reimbursement. I checked in every week to make sure I was still covered and got the same affirmative response. Now, I get a check thats 1/7th of my total cost of rental for 3 whole weeks my vehicle was in the shop. Something that could be easily have been avoided If I wasn't flat out lied to in the repeatedly. After I called to question getting low-balled, a service rep ( a Ms. Markita) who either has no comprehension of customer service or just doesn't care about her job swiftly transfers me to a Supervisor in a classic "I ain't got time for this" scenario. The supervisor (Margerita) also reads the Fine print to me as a work-around for not actually committing to resolving anything. Neither provided employee numbers or any info to better identify the employee like any other company. They are wholly untrustworthy. Just read other reviews. I'm gladly taking taking up the issue with BBB and jumping ship to a better service provider. It's unfortunate since Carshield (the vendors) seem like a great company.

    Z E.


    Please don’t use this company they don’t pay for anything. I was told to get a rental car and they will pay up to $280 and they didn’t. I also had to come out my pocket for the repairs to my vehicle. PLEASE DONT USE THIS COMPANY YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. Thank me later

    Michael J.


    This is the worst company to deal with. Car went down and they didn't want to replace engine instead they replaced one lifter, when the car needed all lifter replaced and will not pay for fuel pump replacement. The BBB needs to stop them from false advertisements on North Carolina TV commercials.

    Latoya A.


    Carshield went out of there way to make sure I was taken care of.i would recommend carshield warranty to anyone who wants bumper to bumper coverage on their car

    Mark Z.


    Nothing worse then then Carshield warranty, Please don’t waste your hard earned money!

    Megan S.


    I would not purchase this warranty if i could go back in time .Its like pulling teeth to get help

    Robert J.


    LISA L.


    i have been paying my monthly policy for the past 7 months and now when i need to use it all the major dealers does not except this company. The customer service is not helpful basically its garbage and all they want is your money.

    Anthony A.


    The sales process was easy and i feel that i got a very fair price .

    Brian o.


    I'm a person that likes to be prepared in case anything bad happens so I purchased carshield contract

    Laura m.


    Excellent. Great service!

    Tee M.


    I wish I could give negative stars. I bought this warranty for my teenage son's '06 Miata he bought. The first thing they denied was the cannister purge valve. Then he had complete engine failure even though he had an oil change a month ago, the engine had no oil and no leaks. They denied the engine replacement. Waste of money and more importantly, a complete loss of faith in CarShield. We are doing an appeal though so stay tuned....

    Gerald N.


    The rep was great he explained everything to me clearly and thoroughly I feel like a got a good deal with a good company .

    Jerel M.


    Do not waste your money or time with car sheild they will take your money and cancel your policy with out fixing your vehicle. It took over two months of having my truck in the shop having my transmission worked on, it was all torn apart and they finally had an adjuster come out to inspect the trans and he canceled my policy because I had aftermarket parts on my truck. I had no idea this would cancel my policy. Now I'm stuck with the bill to repair my truck. Why didn't they tell me this up front. I would have not waisted my time or money with them.

    Marcus G.


    I got a phone call and a price a long time ago after my car warranty ended . i called back a few mounts later and still got the same price .even tho i had more miles

    Tim A.


    I needed a new battery but carshield did not cover it.

    Bobby O.


    I've been with Carshield for about three years and recently my transmission had to be replaced. It was great speaking to their customer service and I had no issues getting my claim taken care of.

    Bob W.


    The rep offered a excellent quote and payment plan that just made sense to us .

    Rich N.


    Most affable company that offered monthly payment plans on my truck that had over 150000 miles on it

    Terry V.


    The experience I had with Carshield was fantastic.

    Ivor C.


    Waited a full 3 weeks before I could get the A/C Condenser and ancillary parts replaced! Spent a total of 11 hours on the phone, repairers also spent about 4 hours to get someone to speak to. At one stage, American Car Shield sent out an inspector to check that what I was claiming for was legitimate! Even then, had to escalate to a supervisor before some action was taken, because for some strange reason, the record of the inspection could not be found! Just found that, in the heat of summer, being without A/C for 3 weeks was just ridiculous!! Needless to say, even though the repair was finally done - I am NOT happy with American Car Shield or their Customer NO Service.

    Randy O.


    Having Carshield warranty is a bank saver!!

    Lisa U.


    My experience was very good my car was repaired d in a 3 day period

    Vivian D.


    I have a 2003 CRV Honda milage 105,100miles

    Adam C.


    Buyer beware: After purchasing the platinum contract, I called around and found that many dealers refuse to work with CarShield directly due to low-balling claims representatives who prefer to use used or remanufactured parts (which the contract allows). Bottom line: Great sales pitch, but don’t expect the easy claims process and freedom of mechanic choice promised by the sales reps. CarShield reserves the right to disapprove service, move your vehicle to multiple low-cost repair shops, and use remanufactured, used, or aftermarket “or equal” parts.

    Lisa E.


    very simple to understand warranty

    Tonekia T.


    Horrible Service, I stayed at dealership all day for them to contact us, just to tell me they didn't cover my air conditioner part. Paid over $600 out of pocket for my repairs.

    Jason H.


    This is the easiest warranty company to work with..Will defiantly recommend to my family and co workers !

    Lisa D.


    Great experience so far !

    Latisha H.


    I am happy with CarShield. I talked to my garage that would accept this warranty.

    Lisa D.


    I first saw Carshield on tv and figured that i had hi miles and they could not really cover it .I still gave them a call and i was able to get a 3 year powertrain warranty. I am pretty satisfied with the monthly price also .

    Mark B.


    My car has been in the shop for EIGHT days and CarShield refuses to return my or my repair facility's phone calls or respond to the online claim I filed or the follow-u service ticket I filed. The contract says if I initiate car repairs before their approval then the contract may not pay for them. How many more weeks do I have to wait? ---> RIP-OFF <---

    Terry S.


    They say they cover a lot my repair shop did not agree

    Pattie S.


    My dealership has a very expensive labor rate compared to other repair shops $250 per hour and carshield paid for that with out a issue

    Jack W.


    Very short hold time .Quick service when they are needed

    Lisa V.


    Had Carshield for 2 years and anytime i need the they are at my service .keep up the good work

    Howard W.


    purchased this product in 2019 thirty days later had engine troubles and your company would only cover 400 dollars of a ten thousand dollars repair and still haven't covered the rental fees!!!!!! Ripoff

    Teri V.


    It took no more than one hour to get payment confirmation. very easy car warranty to use

    Dianna P.


    When I purchase the service contract they said they would cover pretty much anything and everything regardless of what it throughout him and they ended up covering nothing and are not willing to budge on any of the above so would not recommend might wanna think about this

    Jock W.


    Does not cover major dealerships

    Ralph L.


    We had a grate price and the rep that helped us was very kind and clear on what the warranty would cover

    Dianna P.


    They tell you all things all kinds of things are covered but whenever you take it to the shop and actually go to get it covered they don't cover hardly anything they don't cover simple transmission things they don't cover gaskets they don't cover the just many different things use your cut use caution when you go

    Michelle S.


    Tried twice to get warranty work done on my car and was denied twice. I later found out that the AC compressor was covered. The rear differential is going out on my car took it to mechanic & once again got denied even though this is specifically listed in my plan info. We could not afford to get the repair done BUT we had a $300 labor charge. Thank goodness we have been using the same shop for years and he only charged us half. These 3rd party warranty companies don't take the labor charges in to consideration, at the very least they should pay all but the deductable amount. So what I thought was a good deal when Car Shield cold called me just cost me an additional $150. All of these companies are rip offs and I recommend that no one spend their money on them.

    Randy W.


    I got the best price from carshield right off the bat . No games

    Tom C.


    Paid 2 or 3 grand for warranty that was 100,000 miles and I only drove a little over 10,000 miles when getting loud sound in engine with lost of power. Took it to garage and was asked to provide receipts for oil changes past 3 years which I did. Garage said the engine needed replaced. Warranty company demanded I paid garage $1000 to take engine out and open it for review. After paying and doing this, warranty company said that due to my high mileage it was considered normal wear and tear and refused to pay anything. Seems strange to pay for a 100,000 mile warranty when anytime they can just claim normal tear and tear and refuse to pay. Not only did I lose out on warranty cost, but and additional $1000 to have engine opened up and storage of vehicle leading to complete lost of vehicle! What a rip off...

    William A.


    extremely nice and very informative.

    John L.


    If you want genuine comfort with your warranty coverage Car Shield is the very best! Service and personnel are 5 star indeed.

    Andy Q.


    Thank you for all the help during signing up

    Larry D.


    Amazing service at affordable price. I would definitely recommend Carshield to my family.

    Lisa K.


    Fast and reliable company ! I recommend Carshield

    Thonda M.


    Forest C.


    Ray C.


    I got the best price for the best level package with Carshield .between the top 3 company.

    Mike T.


    I started a warranty plan with CarShield . It was great that I didn't have to wait to speak to someone. The rep. answered did not transfer me and was very nice .

    Mark E.


    My Chevy had a A/C Condenser go out it took a little back and forth between the shop and carshield but i got it fully covered thru my car warranty

    Cindy E.


    I am definitely a happy customer.

    Theresa Y.


    Carshield would cover me all the way up to 200,000.

    Scott J.


    My plan just started for a Nissan we purchased let’s see how things g...,I would definitely recommend this company.

    Deborah J.



    Richard F.


    Leon A.


    I had is a 2019 truck so I looked to get an extended auto warranty. I called carshield and I liked what I was told. Everything was very easy.

    Dave S.


    bumper-to-bumper is what i got bumper-to-bumper

    Christina ..


    I seen the commercial on tv and it sounded like a winner on top of the fact that my extended warranty had just expired. I called and spoke to Alec, he was very helpful and patient with me. He answered every question without hesitation. He went over what was covered and what was not. I have not used my policy as of yet, so I can't say whether the claims area is just as easy as the call was. I will review at that time. I do like the fact that I have 60 days for a full refund if I do not like my purchase as long as I don't use it. :)

    Levi W.


    I called to get a quote and the salesman insults me twice and I was sold on it before I called.

    Frank O.


    i like that i can pay as i go .very competitive pricing

    Fred H.


    Friendly and supportive sales team i asked a lot of questions and did my research... thank you

    Gail O.


    they gave me the lowest monthly payment so i went with carshield

    Robert S.


    I purchased an extended warranty with Carshield in 2016. My truck ... ended up needing some work done … The mechanic called for verification and had no issues at all, not once but twice. Each time was followed through with excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend for anyone.

    Ronald B.


    Excellent customer service every time i call. Would highly recommend!

    Joseph M.


    Great product, excellent customer service and reasonable prices.

    Terence ..


    Totally satisfied with the customer service experience and monthly payment that works for my budget.

    Michael E.


    Great service

    Hector R.


    Pleased with the service.

    Will C.


    Carshield was surprisingly very affordable and very reasonable my representative Josh Herron was very friendly and accommodating. I actually expected to pay more than what I paid and I feel very safe and secure. You are not locked into a contract so whenever you want to leave you can if you want but I would not do that.

    Boris D.


    My experience so far has been great!

    Chris G.


    carShield was helpful and patient in explaining everything. I hope the claims area is as helpful should I ever need it.

    Arkeda ..


    I Had a very good experience I will recommend them to anyone!!!!

    Doug S.


    Excellent company to work with. Would use again

    Carrie J.


    I haven't had the opportunity to use Car Shield for any repairs but whenever I called to ask a question or make changes on my account the representative has always been pleasant and helpful. I am excited about having Car Shield because I truly believe if the time comes that I will need any repairs to my car, they will be me be there for me.

    Harold W.


    Worked with me in making adjustments for my payment.

    Ahmed A.


    Very helpful explaining details and getting me signed up, got a great deal for my budget, and extremely glad I called! Feel confident that my car is covered...thanks CarShield!!!

    Mike D.


    To have reliable back up, after the warranty has ran out, means SO MUCH to me. Thanks.!!

    Andrea Mitchell M.


    Jordan Goldstein was great!!! Excellent Customer Service!!!! It was a total pleasure Thank you again, Jordan!!!!

    Dave E.


    I have never received the letter that i was told i would received from CarShield after i purchased a plan.

    Javier T.


    Very polite and professional, thanks!

    Paulette L.


    They were very professional and curtious. Answered all my questions.

    Reginald T.


    Carshield has been a phenomenal company to work with. They have been consistent and extremely helpful.

    Joe and Sarah C.


    So far so good i have not had to use them on either of my vehicles that i have a plan on we will see if or when I do need them how they really preform

    Larry G.


    The agent was excellent, kind, helpful, experienced!

    Ron T.


    This service protected my car and they covered my breakdowns as we agreed .

    Elizabeth O.


    Car shield is GREAT . The customer service is top notch and for the price you get more than what the other company was offering.

    Disclosure: A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as an "auto warranty" or an "extended car warranty," but it is not a warranty. A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s car warranty expires. A VSC is a contract between you and a VSC provider or administrator that states what is a covered repair
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