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    2 to 5 years

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    St. Petersburg, FL

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    About Protect My Car

    Protect My Car boasts a range of policies that cater to all manner of applicants, including those who would not normally qualify. Regardless of chosen policy, every product offered by this company comes with rental car reimbursement and 24-hour customer service. The company carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 7.4 out of 10 on Trustpilot.

    Review Composite Score

    3.90/5    Very Good

    Based on 45 Reviews

    Demi K.


    They don’t deserve not one star. How do you partner with a company and can’t give an accurate phone number to reach them. I have been calling and waiting on my reimbursement on my claim for the last two months.+ I was told that it only takes 30 days. Myself and Machanic have waited hours at a time to reach someone. Some are rude. I’m considering a lawyer because I’ve paid on my policy for 2 years giving them my money. I can’t get them to send my reimbursement or contact Uscg to do so. Please Do Not Use Protect My Car. Who the heck is Uscg ? I can’t even reach them. I’m filing a complaint with the BBB and a Lawyer soon.

    Rhelda T.


    Impossible to reach. I paid a whole year. Can't even get them to pay reduced price on an oil change. Their claims portal has been down forever.

    Leonard S.


    Garbage company… Had a transmission failure on a 2016 Chevy Tahoe we had purchased used. Purchased a PMC warranty as a supplement to a “Powertrain Only” warranty the dealer sold at time of purchase. PMC price was reasonable and their “Select” plan covered more than simply Powertrain. When the transmission started acting up, the Tahoe was dropped at the Chevrolet dealer to diagnose for repair and gave them our PMC contract information to initiate a claim, as we were led to believe that PMC’s coverage was superior. The dealership diagnosed the transmission as a failure that resulted in metal being sent throughout the transmission and would require the unit to be replaced. PMC was contacted and sent an inspector, who agreed with the diagnosis and submitted their report to PMC along with the dealers repair estimate. Shortly thereafter, PMC began their quest to find a way to deny the claim. It started with requests for our Bill of Sale and Maintenance Records (there were none as we had not owned the vehicle long enough to reach a mileage where maintenance was due), the selling dealer had no previous maintenance records from the previous owner (Subaru Dealer) and then started their “fishing expedition” to come up with a way to deny the claim. They came up with a Carfax report about a repair visit to a tire dealer (Tires Etc.) where we had 2 new tires installed as 2 were not newer tires and with winter coming, we opted to replace them and perform an alignment to protect the new tires. They requested a copy or the repair bill, which I provided the same day. Then I received an email telling me they noticed a staple in the corner that indicated a second page. The second page, which I provided, was simply a continuation of the first page showing the method of payment and an invoice paid in full. There were NO maintenance or repair recommendations listed by Tires Etc. anywhere on the invoice. This evidently just made them even more intent on finding a way to weasel out of approving and paying the claim. More time passed, and then I was informed that they were NOT going to assist in the claim, referencing an “exclusion” listed in the policy on Page 14 of the contract in the 3rd paragraph which states: THIS CONTRACT FURTHER EXCLUDES: PRIOR REPAIRS WHICH ARE SUBJECT TO ANY THIRD PARTY WARRANTY, OR ANY PRIOR REPAIRS WHERE THERE IS DEMONSTRABLE NEGLIGENCE OR FAILURE IN THE WORKMANSHIP OF SAID REPAIRS; REPAIRS FOR WHICH THE RESPONSIBILITY IS COVERED BY ANY WARRANTY OF THE MANUFACTURER SUCH AS EXTENDED DRIVE TRAIN COVERAGE, OR A REPAIRERS GUARANTEE ( REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THE MANUFACTURER, OR REPAIR FACILITY, IS DOING BUSINESS AS AN ONGOING ENTERPRISE). FURTHER, COVERAGE UNDER THIS SERVICE CONTRACT IS SIMILARLY LIMITED IN THE EVENT OF A BREAKDOWN IF THE MANUFACTURER HAS ANNOUNCED RESPONSIBILITY THROUGH ANY MEANS INCLUDING PUBLIC RECALLS AND/ OR FACTORY SERVICE BULLETINS.” Obviously, the staff at PMC does not understand their own contract as it’s written. In THIS instance, there are NO PRIOR REPAIRS to the transmission on our vehicle, and thus, PMC is in breach of contract. They insisted that I am bound to file a claim with the warranty the dealership sold at time of sale, even though I had NOT initiated a claim with them, foolishly believing I had better coverage with PMC. There is NO language in their contract that makes ANY mention of succession of coverage in the event the vehicle owner has chosen to avail themselves of additional or better coverage by the purchase of another warranty plan. By the way, the Powertrain Warranty sold to us by the dealer was financed in the loan for the vehicle and could NOT be cancelled as it was included in the loan. Given the service, or lack of, provided by PMC, we are very fortunate that their policy did NOT get cancelled as we DID open a claim with them and it was approved in 2 days, as opposed to the 3+ weeks PMC took to find a way to violate their own contract and deny the claim. And they just further solidify consumer reluctance to buy aftermarket warranties. If it were possible to rate them as less than 1star, they have earned it.

    Shirley E.


    They state they are A+ with BBB, but check the facts, they are not certified with BBB. If you do purchase a policy, be sure you have kept all your past receipts for any maintenance records. They will request them, even if they tell you on the sales call that they don't need them. Double check your contract when received, they got the mileage wrong on ours and denied our claims because of their mess up, even though I called multiple times. They are the hardest company to get ahold of and to get ahold of the right person needed. If I could do zero stars I would. Worst company I have ever dealt with.

    Brian R.


    This company has been a complete disapointment. I have been a member for a year. I recently turned in a claim as my cars engineen is having piston problem and they have turned the claim down. I purchased this warranty to protect my car, but they only took my money. Don't use this company.

    Dillon S.


    They call me every single day multiple times a day after i told them i was not interested .

    Joy S.


    Make sure you ask about how it works and all they need before you sign. Because we could not provide all the services that had been done on our truck they denied our claim. They also denied our claim on another vehicle

    Beth K.


    Very helpful customer service. Half the cost of "Carshiel" plus better coverage. Very happy customer!!

    Eugene J.


    I became a member of Protect My Car and about 90 days later my check engine light came on and my AC stopped working after having my car for so many years I never had that problem. I took my car to the shop for an estimate to put in the freon and inspect the lines. Since they were running a special on diagnostics and overall inspections I ask them to go on and do one. After completing the inspection I was given a quote of $6000.00 for parts and repairs of everything they found so I told them I had Protect My Car Plan and they told me that they would call me back after they talk to the policy writer. The dealership called me and told me it would cost me only $1500.00 and when do I want them to start? Protect My Car called me to verify and wanted to know if I needed a rental? Thank you for the large savings!!!

    Keith J.


    They never answer the phone in a timely manner. And have always been a tuff experience .

    Sharon H.


    I needed a warranty for the vehicle and protect my car was the only one that help me get a plan .

    Howard V.


    Protect my car was the closest that I could get to a factory warranty. The signup went good and i was happy with the rep I worked with.

    Sharon D.


    Everything was smooth

    Memory B.


    I have 2 old cars. I have been with several extended warranty companies, a couple who really screwed me. Vanguard was the worst. They find any excuse to not pay. But my recommendation is "Protect My Car". They always dependable. Service manager at Toyota dealer said he was so surprised that they paid more than other extended warranty companies. Thank you Protect My Car

    Mike O.


    Very quick getting me a price quote over the phone total 5 minutes spent on the phone

    Michelle T.


    this company is very misleading

    Paul W.


    Covered everything on my AC repair Great service

    Tim S.


    Love using PMC

    Cheryl G.


    I brought the car to my local Mercedes dealership to get my maintenance done . The shop had found that i had a bad control arm . My warranty came to the rescue . Thanks protect my car!

    Kenny G.


    The warranty is good.... No hassle at the dealership.

    Lee H.


    This is worth every dollar

    Rosa K.


    Didn't have to wait a long time to get the coverage and the price was right .

    Charles t.


    Fast and excellent customer service

    Jack W.



    Ruben f.


    I had a great experience with protect my car . they saved me a lot of money when you look at the big picture

    Jasmine P.


    My Mercedes went to the shop not long ago and protect my car DIDNT hardly pay for any of the repairs needed I was very disappointed

    Carlos G.


    I have Protect my car on my Lincoln MKX.We are super satisfied with the warranty and the shops that adept it

    David O.


    All and all pleased with my warranty i will be getting a 2nd car set up with PMC soon .I am looking at a good deal on the 2nd car .

    Janice F.


    Every Rep I have spoken to from Protect my car has been so polite and helpful. Thank you

    Jack H.


    Very knowledgeable and well spoken customer service rep

    Fran U.


    The rep i spoke with was very professional and courteous, excellent service

    Ema O.


    The policy was explained well and in detail .I was also told that I could get work done with the repair shop of my choice . pretty sweet!

    Tim W.


    My experience is good so far . when i called they answer my question and helped me set up my coverage.

    Eve A.


    Very good experience. All i did was buy the plan wait the 30 days and went to get my transmission fixed . If i didnt have the warranty on my nissan i would probably end up selling my car . i just cant imagine affording to pay for the repairs .

    Bruce N.


    I shopped around and felt that protect my car was the only company with a low price i able to fit into my budget . Found some good discounts online also

    Marty A.


    This company had the lowest monthly payment That helped me afford it with my fixed income .

    Nate O.


    They helped me every step of the way. They were kind and helpful .

    Matt S.


    My AC broke down on a hot summer day .They got it fixed with no questions asked. I am a happy customer !

    Kenneth Y.


    Protect my car Auto Warranty was very easy to deal with.

    Patrick N.


    my rep was respectful and they knew about the product they were selling or servicing.

    Larry D.


    Protect my car got me the lowest Monthly payment plan on my Lincoln so I went with them

    Steve L.


    Excellent customer service, and affordable Monthly payment plans!

    Alfred P.


    The customer service representative . has been amazing help in resolving my issues that have been very complicated. I appreciate that very much

    Anne J.


    Protect my car has been great I have a warranties on 3 of my vehicles. I strongly recommend this company

    Rebecca E.


    Customer Service was great and very professional.

    Disclosure: A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as an "auto warranty" or an "extended car warranty," but it is not a warranty. A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s car warranty expires. A VSC is a contract between you and a VSC provider or administrator that states what is a covered repair
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