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  • Premier Auto Protect

    4.94 out of 5

    Avg. Deductible



    30 day(s)

    Avg. Plan Length

    3 to 5 years

    Established In


    Company Location

    New York , NY

    Complaint Resolution


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    About Premier Auto Protect

    Premier Auto protect is a car warranty provider that is headquartered in New York. Boasting an industry-leading suite of technology and service, this company aims to provide top-notch service even as the average length of car ownership increases. Their policy’s features include 24 hour customer service and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

    Review Composite Score

    4.94/5    Very Good

    Based on 133 Reviews

    Pamela S.


    Danny was professional and efficient and had a complete and affordable policy to me in no time. I am grateful for the coverage that I hope to never need! Thank you for the peace of mind!

    Dennis M.


    Down to earth while being professional

    Deborah B.


    I spoke to Mark He was very courteous and helpful. Mark was not pushy he was gentle and kind speaking. I have checked other warranty places and most of them were pushy and rude. Especially if you talk about the Better Business Bureau.

    Michael D.


    Marc was very professional along with being understanding with my concerns and needs I was looking for regarding coverage for my truck

    Bob W.


    Marc was very helpful and got me a plan that covers everything at a price that was cheaper than I expected. I have never had a warranty such as this for my vehicles, so now it's wait and see if the plan actually covers what it says it will cover.

    Jerry A.


    Morris was very knowledgeable of his policies. There was no pressure to purchase a policy from him. He answered all of my questions promptly and made sure that I understood. Highly recommend his company.

    Richard T.


    Amazing how fast i was able to get the type of coverage which I wanted for my vehicle. and how very reasonable the rates were. Many Thanks to Marc Sims

    Karl R.


    Tom was very easy to work with. A outstanding example of great customer service. He clearly explained all the details of the warranty and answered all my questions.

    William C.


    My initial contact with Ryan Miller was totally professional. Very informative answering all my questions with clarity. I am looking forward to having my car covered knowing that any future repairs will not bankrupt me! Peace of mind at an affordable price.

    Eugene M.


    I would like to Congratulate Robert Cole for a very professional customer service. He was very informative about the Business and was always very attentive of answering my questions. KUDOS to you Robert Cole. Keep up the Good Work you provide.5 star to Premier Auto Protect. Eugene Menor Ca.

    Joe M.


    Tom was terrific. Explained everything in detail and when I had to get info from my wife he had excellent patience. Great job!

    Megan F.


    Awesome customer service! I was contacted right away and got a great deal. Easy and low monthly payments.

    Russell B.


    They were helpful, not pushy! Informative!

    Vina Z.


    Tom is friendly professional and straight to the point I like that in customer service! He was very informative with prices affordable and substantial! My experience is overall ????

    Billy W.


    Victor was such a pleasure to speak to, nice young man . Thank you for the great deal

    Dennis L.


    i signed up a while back, just needed to use it and they were amazing.

    Melvin M.


    great service when I needed them most, just signed up my wife's car.

    Jeanne G.


    Excellent customer service , thank you Jason for being so kind and thorough with me.

    Marjorie J.


    Called in and spoke to Ralph, wow what a great offer and special promotion he got for me. I am recommending Premier to everyone i know !! Thank you

    Jerrold H.


    Purchased coverage from ya'll about 6 months ago. Had my first claim yesterday and went better than i could of asked. Thank you Premier Auto Protect for taking care of my claim right away and getting us back on the road.

    Daniel P.


    The best warranty company ever!! My claim was approved 10 minutes after i called .

    stephen b.


    In my view of this warranty company they spot on, hey are quick to answer the phone send you to the right people who respond to the issue quickly vey professional and there is no hassle about the work that needs to be handled for me a very smooth transition I like the style the are worth having as a warranty company I am soo glad that I chose them they are the difference between night and day

    Lisa F.


    Great company to work with . The contract is straight forward and easy to understand .

    Lisa T.


    I am so happy with my warranty plan . I spoke with Ralph and he helped me get a amazing deal on my warranty plan

    Albert h.


    Amazing company with the best prices around .

    Andrew H.


    This company has great customer service and fast repair service .

    Omar O.


    Santo T.


    German r.


    James P.


    So far everything is ok. Service reps are real nice on the phone.

    John L.


    I got this discount code1RH20 and it got me a great deal that saved me $

    Jonathan C.


    Patrick G.


    Gene Harris was the person I spoke with when I called to inquire about a warranty. He was very knowledgeable and very professional. It was a pleasurable experience and I did purchase the warranty.

    Marc Z.


    Love your service.

    Anthony D.


    This warranty company covered my whole repair . It was pretty easy to use and my shop said they had no issue with them .

    Nancy L.


    we had a claim for the air condenser and it was easy going

    Donald H.


    have not needed repair, but customer relations with Gene Harris was exceptional

    Liz O.


    Gene was great at explaining everything in a helpful manner

    Joe L.


    Great service and a great prices

    Rahamut M.


    Gene Harris was a great help with explaining the policy I selected. I will recommend this company to my friends and family. Thank you for your help. Best regards, Rahamut Mohammed



    They provided me with rental car when my car was at the shop for a new starter

    Jason M.


    You services are Amazing ! thank you for assisting me when my Transmission went

    Kathryn C.


    David W.


    Just signed up, with Steve West. Very pleasant and helpful. Customer service rating only, at this time.

    cruz w.


    wonderful service!

    Rhoda R.


    Steve West was very professional, and answered my questions . It took me awhile to get back after requesting a quote, I was pleased that I was not hounded. Keep up the good work, Steve.

    Laura U.


    My transmission on my CR-V just went out. They relay did as promised The experience was amazing and quick Thank you so much

    Joe W.


    Everything that needed to be fixed has been taken care of. No problems

    Jesus W.


    The best warranty company we've worked with since we opened 10 years ago.

    Erick S.


    Great customer service! My sales rep Marc was Professional, and nice enough to walk me through the entire process!

    Chris K.


    Steve West did an outstanding job representing your Company. He answered all my questions and researched the question he did not specifically know. He was able to provide insight to many issues. I am extremely satisfied

    Stan N.


    Haven't experienced the claim process yet. But Steve west did excellent work for me.

    Ron B.


    Steve West was excellent. Answered my questions and made policy east to understand.

    Harris T.


    Gene was great to work with when choosing the best warranty option for my Ford Expedition.

    Yolanda G.


    Gene Harris was very friendly and considerate while he made sure all of my questions were answer. I highly recommend him.

    Rhonda W.


    Ulises G.


    Mike F.


    Great Customer Service by Gene for my BMW M6. Easy and worth the time.

    Evan m.


    They cover the actual cost of your repair.They cover full pricing for parts and labor on any actual repair .

    Steve W.


    Steve was excellent and I am very happy with the service he provided me today!!

    Linda B.


    Pamela W.


    Very professional and understanding with my questions. He explained everything and .how the claims work.

    Oscar B.


    My experience has been mostly positive My Chevrolet dealership gladly accepted this warranty

    Caitlin B.


    Gene Harris was great and super helpful even to someone who knows nothing about cars! I love the coverage and how they work with people!

    Nachu A.


    George L.


    The claims process was easy. Dealing with them on the phone was pleasant. They worked with my repair shop of choice .

    Mayobanex P.


    Richard H.


    When I had to cancel my policy the lady was very nice and understanding ,

    Louis N.


    I had a major issue on my engine . cocncord was really good . I am especially happy about my $0.00 deductible

    James T.


    Excellent customer service

    Carolyn O.


    I am happy with the out come of my policy .It was a great investment and saved me a lot of money in the long run

    Bobby J.


    First claim i submitted went really good.Super quick and easy process

    Barry A.


    I plan to do a road trip with the family so i made sure to get some warranty before my trip .I feel more confident going on this trip knowing i will be covered .

    Dennis M.


    They have never let us down.

    Jeff` R.


    The best extended car warranty company . hands down

    Charles P.


    Great service i would definitely recommended to everyone that wants extended warranty thank you

    Thomas D.


    Morse was excellent coordinator Answered every question Seems very knowledgeable about the product. Now the real test will be when the time comes that I need to make a claim. Otherwise Morse was a very good in what he does. 5 ☆☆☆☆☆

    Angela H.


    The best service experience I have had in a long time.

    Caryn R.


    I found Gene to be very helpful in explaining everything to me and I feel that he set me up with a great plan for my car

    Robert J.


    Excellent sales service

    Nina W.


    My representative Devion was very helpful throughout the course of my call. I was very flustered before I spoke to him but he was able to help and he assisted me with all my concerns .He made sure I had all my problems resolved before ending the call.Thank you for the help Devion !!!

    Steve W.



    Francis N.


    Great Customer service any time I call.

    Alynn G.


    Robert was most courteous and pleasant. He was knowledgeable about services. I can't say any more until I find it necessary to use the service.

    Harry W.


    This company has helped me 3 times .Very easy to deal with

    Lisa E.


    I asked them to email me a quote i reviewed and purchased that same day. Thank You

    Marvin A.


    I saw a commercial on tv so i gave them a call to get a price on a c300 . They gave me a great price and i saw really good reviews online so i got it set up on that call .

    William S.


    Roberto L.


    Walter T.


    Best company ! Will be happy to recommending your service to all my friends.

    Wayne B.


    Friendly and very knowledgeable representative. Would definitely recommend!

    Mary P.


    Called in and spoke with Robert, he was great and patient which was the most important !!

    Samantha O.


    Donald did a good job explaining and answering all the questions that I had. I had a good experience.

    Sharon C.


    I called in to confirm some information on my account and I got a real person immediately to help me . Excellent

    Andy W.


    Service is good Got my AC compressor fix on my ford F150

    Donald E.


    No payment options like the other company's but if you can do a one time payment they can save you a lot of money in the long run. enough to go on a vacation !

    Vicki A.


    Jeff was extremely cordial, helpful and informative. He was a pleasure to work with and offered me a coverage with great value that best fit my needs. I will recommend your company to my friends and family who are also looking for an extended warranty for their car.

    Bonnie D.


    Great customer service. Spoke to Gene and he was able to take care of all my needs in a swift and timely manner.

    Marilyn J.


    I have 2017 Lincoln MKX needed everything covered single woman don’t like car issues if the mirror tweets wrong I want to be covered down to the stereo I am an Missionary Evangelist travel quite extensively can you help me I am A little over 50,000 maybe 50,150 miles on it

    Geno N.


    Gene was absolutely great. Pleasant to talk to and went over all my questions prior to purchase!

    Jason P.


    super honest company

    James M.


    Jeff ** took care of us from start to finish. He answered all questions we had and explained in great detail everything we are covered for. I'm very happy with the process and I couldn't ask for anything more from an outstanding company!

    Benjamin D.


    I just bought our third CAP Policy from Jeff ** in the past 2 years. He also sold our daughter and son-in-law a warranty. Very easy to work with, no pressure, flexible, and engaged with the customer. Check him out!

    Janet M.


    im glad i have the premium plan it paid for itself and i have another 2 years left

    paul G.


    Don was very helpful when i called to get some work done .thanks don you did a great job

    Hector R.


    Got a great deal. Didnt have to use it yet but my girlfriend had it and they fixed her AC. thank you Jean.

    Marc C.


    Donald was very helpful and explained everything in great detail. He worked with me to get the best deal for what I needed. It was a quick and simple process. Would definitely recommend and will use them in the future.

    John J.


    I called several companies looking for a second extended warranty on a car approaching 100,000 miles. Most of the people that I spoke to gave me the hard sell: “this offer only applies until you hang up” or “if you buy now, I’ll take money off”. They could do that because their prices were all high. Jeff, however, was awesome. He didn’t hard sell me or try to upsell. He simply told me what they had to offer, gave me the discounts that they offer up front and gave me plenty of time to think about it and discuss with my wife. There was no offer that was taken away if I didn’t buy RIGHT NOW. The plan I purchased is very comprehensive and priced lower than the competitors. All in all it was a great experience.

    Paula D.


    This company is outstanding! I used my policy several months after purchasing it and the cost of repairs almost covered the cost of the policy on my BMW. I just purchased another policy for my son's Jeep! Money well spent!

    Sharon H.


    Sales representative Jeff was pleasant to work with. I received a very good price on the coverage I chose without going back and forth like with other warranty companies.

    Jami C.


    Gene was excellent on the phone, explained the warranty protection so well that I only had one question. Made the process very easy and I felt relieved at the amount of coverage I was able to get at a reasonable price. Thanks!

    Teo M.


    When i first purchased the car warranty for my BMW i was a little worried about the claim process and so on. But 1 year later i had a small repair and went thru the claim process and it went perfect. No complaints at all and the customer service was super nice the entire time and handled everything as well.

    Angela E.


    Thanks for your help Micheal Solomon. The process was easy and very satisfying. I'd give 6 stars if I could! :)

    Lisa G.


    Professional, knowledgeable and did not pressure for the sale. Hope future service on auto is as good.

    Warren B.


    Harry was fantastic to work with. Very knowledgeable in explaining the coverage plans available. He answered all my questions and provided the level of detail I was looking for. Very prompt with response to my quote request and made sure I had a full understanding of the packages available. Great Job, Harry!

    Roger B.


    Excellent Communication in setting up my Extended warranty for my 2014 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel.

    Benjamin L.


    Steve was very helpful addressing my needs and made it a easy process of the purchase of my car warranty .

    Stanley W.


    Excellent experience. Thanks Henry!

    David F.


    Harry was complete, accurate, clear and accommodating

    Mo S.


    Your customer service representative Brad was excellent. He listened to what I had to say and resolved the situation quickly. He was very professional.

    Sadeem A.


    Excellent customer service every time I call

    Elena P.


    Its still too new to tell but the purchasing was easy. Seems to be a good policy at a decent price. They come highly rated and Ralph and Michael were really good to explain everything to me. I only hope I never have to use it.

    Steven H.


    Mr. Taylor was very nice and was able to set me up with an exceptional and affordable, perfect for me, auto protection plan. Thank You

    Chad B.


    Quick, easy, comprehensive. Thousands less than any other offer for a high mileage vehicle with better coverage.

    Robertson S.


    Amazing customer service and very fair prices. Im very happy with everything

    John N.


    I dealt with Gene and he was awesome. He explained everything clearly and was never pushy.

    Sam H.


    I have the plan for 2 years now and had to use it one time when my transmission light came on and I have to say they did a great job walking me through the process and very quick to resolve the issue. Highly recommended. Like

    Phil M.


    Jeff was extremely helpful, taking the time to answer all my questions and was patient and pleasant to deal with throughout. I appreciate all his help, and will happily reach out to him again in the future. Jeff is exactly the type of representative you hope to deal with when shopping for a product like this.

    Michael N.


    My agent was helpful I am satisfied with the service I recieved

    Roger ..


    Great customer service, easy to talk to, they explained all the benefits and gave me a great deal!

    Florence K.


    Fast and easy to work with. I was able to get my repairs done and paid for quickly without dealing with 200 different people and forms.

    Caroline G.


    My customer service rep Don Berman was excellent! Very helpful and informative!! Thank you Don!

    Steven B.


    Don Berman was able to work with me with regards to getting the best bang for my buck! I hope the company lives up to its promise once I have a need to use it! Great job!

    Disclosure: A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as an "auto warranty" or an "extended car warranty," but it is not a warranty. A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s car warranty expires. A VSC is a contract between you and a VSC provider or administrator that states what is a covered repair
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